About Polymer Clay


Colorful Polymer Clay is such a versatile medium, created with pvc particles.  Polymer clay comes in many colors and can be combined to create an endless color palate.  Polymer clay is fired in an ordinary baking oven or convection oven at a very low temperature such as, 265 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.  Polymer clay can be baked multiple times.  Colors can darken and translucent and colored clay can burn.  Fimo was invented in 1954 by Sophie Rehbinder-Kruse. 

Many Manufacturers of Clay

There are many manufacturers and companies that make and sell polymer clay all over the world.  I cannot list all these companies.  A few of these manufacturers and companies are: Sculpey Company and  Staedler Company are two of these companies.

Endless Techniques and Applications

The various techniques and applications are so numerous to list.  Unlimited tutorials are available on internet sites, such as You Tube.  You are only limited by your own imagination!

Polymer Clay Classes

Classes for Polymer Clay are listed on my Classes page, if you would like a class, go to my website, bitsofclay.com and scroll down to classes. polymer clay jewelry


Questions:  Please email me:  marilyn@bitsofclay.com