About Precious metal Clay for handmade jewelry


Precious metal clay is fine silver .999 pure silver after firing in kiln. at 1470 degrees or less.  Mitsibitshi corporation created this by combining tiny silver particles and  an organic binder to create this wonderful medium.  It comes in several products, such as silver PMC3, PMC+, PMC Sterling, PMC, PMC Gold, PMC sheet and PMC paste syringe and jar paste. PMC comes in COPPR Clay, BRONZ clay and White COPPR clay.

Why I prefer metal clay

PMC is so malleable and easy to shape.  It takes light texture very well.  It can be filed and refined with a sanding block or file in the dry greenware state.

Even in the fired state, PMC can be filed and shaped. Changes be made and mistakes  can be corrected by adding paste or components and refiring in the kiln.  It can be very forgiving

Although I have not worked in Art Clay, I understand it is comparable  to Precious Metal Clay products.


If you have questions regarding creating handmade jewelry using Precious Metal Clay, please contact me by email:  marilyn@bitsofclay.com                                    For classes:  Please go to bitsofclay.com and scroll down page to Classes. about precious metal clay