Metal Clay and Polymer Clay


I'm starting this page to introduce polymer clay or metal clay tutorials because I want to share my love for these clays.  I usually create jewelry but the list is endless as to what one can create with polymer clay.  Metal clay is more limited as it is usually used to create jewelry.

Polymer Clay Samples

Mokume Gane


Mokume Gane is layers of sheets of polymer clay manipulated in some way with rubber stamps, tools, textures, etc to change the layers then shaved with a blade to revel top layer.

Precious Metal Clay Foldover Pendant


Precious Metal clay is fine silver particles suspended in an organic binder that burns away in the kiln and leaves sintered solid piece of fine silver jewelry.

Cane Work


Polymer canes are constructed by making layers or stacks to create squares, circles or designs into a cane, when sliced has the same design through out cane.